The quality, our commitment!

A systematic and continuous control

We guarantee a perfect traceability of the raw materials we propose thanks to a rigorous follow-up and thanks to a systematic control.



We select with precaution each of our raw materials.


Every lot selected is analyzed and listed in our databases.


We assure a rigorous follow-up of all our products in transit.


Our products are carefully stored and kept in our warehouses.

Our Quality control laboratory

A tailored service

An equipped laboratory

Regulatory Monitoring

Product lifecycle

Safety data sheet

Our quality control laboratory is equipped with a chromatography, a densimeter, a polarimeter and a spectrometer.
We assure a regulatory monitoring of all the documentation and all the evolutions of our business sector to be in conformity with the actual legislation.
We keep a record of product lifestyle of every delivery for 12 months with sample witness kept in low temperature and shielded from the light.
We assure the update and the regular transmission of Safety data sheets as well as all the documents necessary for the use of our products (Data sheet, IFRA, diverse certificates).